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A Vested Interest - Book 1 of A Vested Interest series
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G. W. Forrest

Forrest is the baddy everyone loves to hate. He's in his 60's and the same generation as Sir Richard. Like Sir Richard, he's a member of 'The Order'. The difference being that Forrest is all out for 'self'. As a person he's definitely not nice to know since he has a violent temper and a short fuse. Morals? He doesn't appear to have any. Manners? He's too rich to care. He swears and shouts, he's violent. Above all he doesn't fear the consequences of his actions since he has found that enough money will always clean up the mess.

He could use reason, appeal for help, offer incentives and praise success but instead chooses to use fear to ensure compliance although he will reward success grudgingly. He comes over as being dumb but behind the facade he must have a keen intellect or he wouldn't have achieved success in The Order.

Most of all Forrest fears his own mortality and with good reason since he suffers from CML and his prospects are not good. He will stop at nothing to ensure his survival. He's desperate.

Forrest dies in the first book - or does he? There's something decidedly odd about him.

Immortality Gene
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