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Dark Secrets - Book 2 of A Vested Interest series
No Secrets - Book 3 of A Vested Interest series
Stones, Stars and Solutions - Book 4 of A Vested Interest series
Leap of Faith - Book 5 of A Vested Interest series
Regret and Retribution - Book 6 of A Vested Interest series
Consequences - Book 7 of A Vested Interest series
Ashes to Ashes - Book 8 of A Vested Interest series
Dust to Dust - Book 9 of A Vested Interest series
Raging Storm - Book 1 of Blood of the Rainbow - an A Vested Interest prequel series
Roses and Regret - Book 2 of Blood of the Rainbow prequel series
Choice and Change - Book 3 of Blood of the Rainbow prequel series
A Vested Interest - Book 1 of A Vested Interest series
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The 'A Vested Interest' Series

So what is in the series?

 People ask us "What are your books about?" often. It's a little difficult to explain because we cover multiple genres. One of our reviewers wrote:

    "It is a story of corporate jealousy at the highest levels, greed, spite, vengeance, advanced technology, medicine, love and betrayal, and the very essence of life itself. 

    WOW - that is a lot to cover in one book! Read this book - you will be glad you did."
Thank you Ancient Warlock. That pretty well sums it up. But that only refers to the first FREE book... so here's a list of things we cover in the series in the 12 books so far (some not yet published).
  • Through genetic therapy, immortality may be possible and real for 98%. You can still be killed by accident so immortality means an average lifespan of 1,729 years.
  • Through nanotechnology, force fields could be created.
  • For each of us, there is a partner who is a perfect match and several near matches. You'll know when you find your perfect match, and think you'll know when you find a near match.
  • Ancient documents indicate the Earth has been visited by benign aliens who helped Man and left after setting up markers, because they were not gods.
  • Forget governments, there is a secret organization which is the real directing power on Earth. Politicians take the blame when things go wrong and make good targets to shoot at. There is always someone unhappy at the 'leaders.'
  • With the right triggers, weather could be controlled, but that control would be tenuous.
  • The Earth is doomed - but not yet. Until Man becomes immortal, it's a problem which 'can be left to the next generation because I won't be here'.
  • If we continue to leave things to our descendants (as now), mankind will be extinct in a few thousand years.
  • Faster than light travel is possible. We don't know how to do it though.
  • Teleportation exists. For the moment, Man can't control it, but we have some ideas.
  • Telepathy exists, and we think we know how it works.
  • Psychics may not, after all, be entirely fake.
  • It's possible to totally, and safely convert matter to energy but to do it, a catalyst is needed. Man can't create the catalyst yet. It doesn't occur naturally. There are at least 27 samples of it on Earth 20 of which are lost.
  • Just as there are benign aliens, there are hostile aliens happy to be 'gods'. They would take advantage of man.
Finally, here's a complete list of the series in order (because Amazon isn't very good at putting things in chronological order). It includes some books not yet available.
  1. Raging Storm - A 'Blood of the Rainbow' prequel book written by Shelia
  2. Roses and Regret - The second 'Blood of the Rainbow' prequel book written by Shelia
  3. Choice and Change - The third 'Blood of the Rainbow' prequel book written by Shelia
  4. A Vested Interest - The original book 1, and a good place to start. The ebook is free everywhere except at Amazon.co.uk for a few days at the beginning of each month!
  5. Dark Secrets
  6. No secrets
  7. Stones, Stars and Solutions
  8. Leap of Faith
  9. Regret and Retribution
  10. Consequences
  11. Ashes to Ashes
  12. Dust to Dust
  13. String to the Stars (in development)

Of the currently available books we suggest you read them in order 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 1, 2, 3, 9, 10, 11
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Here's the complete list of books in the series currently available. Click the book thumbnails to find them at Amazon.

A Vested InterestA Vested Interest (Completed. Available in paperback and e-book format)

A Vested Interest tells the story of the three scientists who develop a genetic fix which prevents death through age or disease. Principle characters in it are Dr. Donna Rigden and Dr. Richard Triplet who develop a whirlwind romance. They are hindered by Dr. Sam Kaliea who almost succeeds in splitting up our heroes. Donna and Richard marry but must hide from Forrest, a desperate egotist. Liu, Forrest's troubleshooter, finds them and attacks, killing Donna ...but will Sam get a second chance?

Dark SecretsDark Secrets (Completed. Available in paperback and e-book format)

Having found the cure for death, the virus used to introduce it proves unexpectedly contagious. The cure is out and pandemic. Forest is dead but Liu, a cold calculating killer, now in charge of Forrest's organization, is still a danger. All is not as it seems though. There is a dark secret behind the Triplet family and those you think are good may not be quite what they seem.

No SecretsNo Secrets (Complete in e-book format)

If you think you've seen the last of the villains. Think again. The Triplets visit the USA and Tasmania. The family becomes even more complex and you can no longer trust what your eyes tell you. A lot of the mysteries will be explained but those you think are bad may not be quite what they seem.

Stones, Stars and SolutionsStones, Stars and Solutions (Complete in e-book format)

Follow the family as they decode an ancient document and race to complete the journey planned out for them twelve centuries before. What mysteries will they uncover? What dangers will they face on the ultimate treasure trail. This book contains graphics.

Leap of FaithLeap of Faith (Complete in e-book format)

The fifth book in the series. The characters are back at the mine and studying the information they got from the Dine’é Yá about the Yá ah-nah - (Sky's Eye). Can the Dine’é Yá be trusted? They were, after all, the instigators of The Order's dark secret. Someone has to take a leap of faith to find out. To cap it all a child arrives 10 years early.

Regret and Retribution (Complete in e-book format)

Book six brings back the Triplet rivals in a big way. Who are 'The Others' and what threat do they bring? Sir Richard brings forward another of his pet projects located at Cayambe in Ecuador. Why such an odd location? Well it just happens to be the highest point on the equator. Oh and one other thing - someone you think is totally without conscience turns out to have one after they try on a new pair of 'genes' and a 'good guy' almost turns bad. Confused? Sir Richard certainly is.


Consequences (Complete in e-book format)

Donna's baby, conceived by Sam, turns out to have Jared as his genetic father, a man she hadn't seen since she first went to the UK. Seems the Dine’é Yá had intervened. Donna was given a choice, wipe Sam's memory and avoid the explanation or let him remember his love. Sam would be given no choice in the matter.  Sam had been unfaithful to Donna, but did two wrongs make a right?

How much would Donna risk to be with Jared? How many lives was she willing to change in order to keep the extraordinary gift she'd been given? What would be the consequences of her choice? The Dine’é Yá had warned her, they would not change anything, nor would they interfere if she made the wrong choice.


Ashes to AshesAshes to Ashes (Complete in e-book format)

The corridors of the complex looked like a body-littered obstacle course. The walls and floors stained red with the blood of her victims. Where had her strength come from? How could one woman cause so much destruction and why?

GW Forrest has changed and not for the better. What hidden force fed his new persona? Who exactly was he, and why wouldn’t he stay dead?

What secrets did a Mayan tomb hold that had prompted Forrest to leave his ‘beloved’ wife, Comtesse D’Vincent with less than the bare essentials? With nowhere to turn, Comtesse D’Vincent called upon the code of The Order. Who answered her call, and why had they been so amused at her predicament?

Of the large team that had gone inside the pyramid, two were still standing, trapped and left for dead. They bowed before Jared as though he were a god. Why? What did the Dine’é Yá show Sam in the pyramid that changed his entire outlook on life? Who is Elle and what did she have to do with Sam and Juanita? Why was Sam willing to undergo excruciating pain for Elle?

 Blood of the Rainbow Series

This is a linked series of three books which would take place before Immortality Gene.

Raging Storm- By Shelia Chapman

This book could best be defined as a paranormal romance. In the time-line it would appear several years before 'A Vested Interest'. In it you'll meet Jared Thundercloud, who is mentioned in books 1 to 5 in the 'A Vested Interest' series and re-appears in Regret and Retribution. Chance brought Jared and Sara Foster together, will destiny force them apart?Be warned it has a very emotional ending.

Roses and Regret- By Shelia Chapman

Will fate give Jared another chance with his perfect match?

Choice and Change - By Shelia Chapman

Can Jared live with the choices he made, for his perfect match?

Immortality Gene
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