A Vested Interest - Book 1 of A Vested Interest series

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Dark Secrets - Book 2 of A Vested Interest series
No Secrets - Book 3 of A Vested Interest series
Stones, Stars and Solutions - Book 4 of A Vested Interest series
Leap of Faith - Book 5 of A Vested Interest series
Regret and Retribution - Book 6 of A Vested Interest series
Consequences - Book 7 of A Vested Interest series
Ashes to Ashes - Book 8 of A Vested Interest series
Dust to Dust - Book 9 of A Vested Interest series
Raging Storm - Book 1 of Blood of the Rainbow - an A Vested Interest prequel series
Roses and Regret - Book 2 of Blood of the Rainbow prequel series
Choice and Change - Book 3 of Blood of the Rainbow prequel series
A Vested Interest - Book 1 of A Vested Interest series
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The Book Covers

Dark Secrets

The A Vested Interest cover is a collage of elements in the story. Most people will recognize the DNA spiral. The background shows the Milky Way, a wolf baying at the moon, representing Donna's lost love, and the Triplet crest. The old book cover, which you can see if you move a mouse pointer over the image, also shows the X chromosome and a mitochondria in a cell. In the background you'll find 'Langston Castle' and an old mine entrance. Both places are real and from pictures I took of Lanley Castle and Blackett Level in Northumberland, England. Look carefully and you'll find an almost transparent 'nanobug.'

The cover for 'Dark Secrets' is meant to represent an old diary which has the Triplet escutcheon embossed on it. It represents that this is an old family with lots of history. The dark colour indicating a dark secret buried there.

No SecretsStones, Stars and Solutions

The cover of No Secrets also features an old book - Wilson's diary. It features a Celtic knot representing a tangles mystery and eternity.

Stones, Stars and Solutions shows a pyramid in a desert at night. Above it you see a sea of stars. The pyramid is actually that of Chichen Itza in Yucat√°n, Mexico and the desert at night is Death Valley, Arizona. Both are locations featured in the story. There's a free screen wallpaper of this cover which also has the mysterious device which is the prize sought in the book.

Leap of FaithRegret and Retribution

Leap of Faith's cover shows the moment when two of the characters take a 'leap of faith' by walking into the unknown, one jumping with exitement.

Regret and Retribution shows the mind storm on Mother's Mountain in Arizona. In the background you'll recognize those stars from 'Stones, Stars and Solutions. The mountain is based on a real location but the one showed here is actually the same mountaintop shown twice and it is Great Gable in the UK's Lake District.

...and here's the paperback cover from 'Consequences':
Consequences - book cover

...same mountain. This book image reflects the moment when Donna is released from the mind storm. It's raining, she's in the downdraft of the helicopter which is lashing her wet hair and she sees the ring Jared gave her lying on the ground.

Ashes to Ashes

This one is the cover to Ashes to Ashes. A book with a gory start where many characters die. The woman in the picture being Chantelle who causes so much death and destruction.

Finally here's the cover of 'Dust to Dust' showing 'Bitagi,' the land of illusion where an evil alien entity is trapped.
Dust to Dust

Immortality Gene
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