A Vested Interest - Book 1 of A Vested Interest series

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Dark Secrets - Book 2 of A Vested Interest series
No Secrets - Book 3 of A Vested Interest series
Stones, Stars and Solutions - Book 4 of A Vested Interest series
Leap of Faith - Book 5 of A Vested Interest series
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Raging Storm - Book 1 of Blood of the Rainbow - an A Vested Interest prequel series
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A Vested Interest - Book 1 of A Vested Interest series
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It was a dark and stormy nightIt was another dark and stormy night

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Leap of Faith - A Vested Interest book 5

Leap of Faith has:

  • Multiple plots
  • A transferred pregnancy
  • Alien technology
  • A new villain


  • A secret 'Order'
  • A child who talks to his dead father
  • Secret tunnels
  • A Portal to another place
Raging Storm - Blood of the Rainbow book 1

Shortly upon their arrival in the UK, Ian Allen and Andrew Forrestson find themselves behind bars for charges brought against them by a dead woman. Why are they so reluctant to tell their side of the story?

Bored rigid from attempting to enter nearly four million characters of binary alien code by hand, James takes Candice on an exploration of the old lead mine tunnels. They’re trapped behind an invisible barrier. In order to bring it down, Sam and Donna have to break James’s complicated musical nanonyte combination lock. One problem. James told Donna, the code was thirty-five numbers long. His text contained twenty-eight numbers.

Triplet Hall’s doors are reopened for Sir Richard and Marie’s wedding. Lady Triplet’s rival, the ‘black widow’ of The Order – Comtesse Danielle D’Vincent and her daughter would be among the guests. In the wee hours of the morning, Sir Richard gets a mysterious phone call – a cry for help. A few hours before his father’s wedding, Richard learns Chantelle and her daughter are missing and presumed dead. Chantelle’s daughter was ten. Could Richard be her father?

Comtesse D’Vincent is furious! Jack is suspicious. Who’s to blame - Sir Richard, Comtesse D’Vincent, or someone else in The Order?

Donna warned them – they didn’t listen - now Kate and Tom are gone. Where did they go? What happened to them? The answers could turn Sam and Donna’s world upside down, and shake the very foundation of the Triplet Legacy.

Comments from reviews:

"A powerful family. Science with a twist of alien technology. Can Donna find her son,Rich? Will the leap of faith take them to Rich. Find out in this action filled sci-fi romance."

"The suspense just holds you and you don't want to put the book down! Not an easy series to read during work breaks! If you love suspense and futuristic events you will love this."

"A great story with enough love and humor to keep the story interesting."

"Looking forward to the next one and getting some answers. Good surprise at the end - totally unexpected!"

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Leap of Faith - A Vested Interest series book 5

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